Apple’s iPhone 5 Nearest Mockup, So Far

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If the spy shot surfaced earlier was just a molded salt on a digital image, you’re looking at the closest mockup of the iPhone 5 based from the leaked iPhone 5 case from China. And this is not simply a case were Chinese manufacturers believe and already investing on this design by producing it already. MacRumors commissioned CiccareseDesign to render a 3D design to perfectly describe what might be the iPhone 5 look like based from the actual leaked case measurements and design.

Looking at the prototype closely, you might considerably noticed the elongated home button, which is suggested on the leaked case. However, Apple might also stick to its original rounded home button while the space in the case could only suggest a room for the gesture control reported to be added on the iPhone 5.

Accordingly, this mockup also shows tapered back much like the iPod touch and this conclusively positive since Apple is rumored to be dumping the glass-back replacing back the aluminum back. It also appears that iPhone 5 will be shorter, wider and thinner with 4.33″ x 2.36″ and .27″ thickness at the top and .21″ at the bottom compared to iPhone 4 dimensions are: 4.5″ x 2.31″ x .37″.

Now count the days to September or October and you might find this same-designed device handled by Steve on stage –with big smile and pride –the iPhone 5!

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