iPhone 4 and 3GS Tops U.S. Best-Selling Smartphones

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Android has been taking U.S. smartphone market by storm garnering 52-percent of new sales during the second quarter of this year according latest Mobile Phone Track released by research firm NPD. Closes competitions with Apple’s iPhone takes 29-percent and RIM’s Blackberry continue to take its trip to down the chart with 11-percent share.


Looking at the interesting fact of the report, Apple’s iPhone 4 and it’s older version 3GS is still strongly positioned on the top two spots respectively of the bestselling smartphones for the second quarter according to NPD’s Mobile Phone Tracker. Both Cupertino jewels was immediately followed by HTC EVO 4G, Inspire 4G and wrapping up the top five with Samsung INTENSITYII.

Apple has been really utilizing the sense of time for each devices they introduced in the market. They dropped the 8GB version of the iPhone 4 to 16GB and left its iPhone 3GS to carry the 8GB flag with appealing $49 entry price which normally free for some carriers. This bring a very compelling iPhone models for a very condense market. The company also keeps the iPhone-fever alive with refreshing new features every now and then –with the CDMA iPhone 4, the white iPhone 4 and few weeks from now —-the most anticipated iPhone 5.


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