iPhone 5 Early October Launch Confirmed by AT&T Exec

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AT&T vice president has confirmed to some employees the launch of the iPhone 5 is due early this upcoming October, according to  BGR. The AT&T exec have strongly communicated to its subordinates: “Expect things to get really, really busy in the next 35-50 days, so prepare your teams accordingly.” The release date is now pointing to single month as previous rumors have entailed –and that is October.

AT&T has been in-the-line for plausible inputs for iPhone 5 launch date, since Apple and the company have been long-term partners. And if you’ll be looking back closely to previous reports, such “employee vacation blackouts”, hinted prior date targets of iPhone release.

Meanwhile, MacRumors also added an update on its report about the iPhone 5 launch date confirmation rooting to Jim Dalrymple comments on BGR report. Dalrymple is known to have solid sources inside Apple.

The Loop‘s well-connected Jim Dalrymple just quoted the BGR report and added a single word response of his own: “Yep.”

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