iPhone 5 Radically Redesigned Inside and Out

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One thing is for sure, we’re getting closer to the day when iPhone 5 is no more mystery. And as these iPhone 4 and 5 proximity light sensor parts suggest, that iPhone 5 could have considerably different internal layout from the iPhone 4. That’s obviously coupled in the outside hardware appearance. Find out what we could expect, on the iFixit explanations via MacRumor after the break. iPhone 5 Radically Redesigned Inside and Out

According to MacRumors:

We asked iFixit’s Kyle Wiens about the differences. He noted that the corresponding iPhone 4 part (pictured above/right) contains the power button, noise canceling mic and proximity/ambient light sensors. The new iPhone 5 part doesn’t contain the mic, so it must be placed elsewhere on the iPhone 5.


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