Nuance Dragon Dictate for Mac

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Apple devices have been known for being stylish and completely functional both ways. From the Macs to the iPhone, those two aspects are seamlessly integrated into one package. As such, it a very efficient package that you’d want to make the most of it… and now you can! Nuance, an American company, is offering something that can turn your typical Apple product usage to something extravagant and awesome. Presenting the Dragon Dictate — a very imposing name for a very impressive product.

So what does Dragon Dictate do? As the name implies, at least the 2nd part of the name, allows you to ‘dictate’ commands and gestures to your gadget and/or device. Much like the voice activated computers you see in science fiction shows, it allows you to respond to mails, create documents and even post status updates to your preferred social networking site. With the Dragon Dictate, you can comfortably perform tasks hands-free without the usual hassles of using a keyboard. Now that may borderline complete laziness, but if it’s for more productivity, it won’t hurt your or anything.

Conventional computing requires user intervention through the use of keyboard and mouse to access programs and perform processes. With the Dragon Dictate, you can easily go from “Open Microsoft Word” to “Reply to message” to “Post to Facebook” with as much time required to say those three phrases — that’s pretty short. And for the Mac version, Dragon Dictate is integrated to your favorite Mac applications like iChat, Mail, Safari and much more.

Dragon Dictate for Mac is available starting at $180. It may be a bit on the pricey side but heck, if it will make the job much much easier for you in the long run, then every penny spent on it is worth it. To order visit their website at

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