Crimson Aluminum Frame Case for iPhone 4 Review

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The iPhone… a trendsetting device, both on the form factor and the functionality. So many manufacturers have followed its footsteps but there is only one iPhone. Being this kind of device, anybody who owns one would want to have the most protection their device could have. To do these, many buy cases, from the soft rubbery ones to the metallic kind. However, most of these cases have a commonality. They completely cover the surface of the phone sans the touchscreen. With this setup, you’ll lose one of the iPhones’ assets — its looks. So how could you protect your phone and still have it look good at the same time? Crimson might have the solution you’re looking for with their Aluminum Frame Case for the iPhone 4.

So how does the Aluminum Frame Case (AFC) differ from most of the conventional ones out there? Simply looking at the image above clearly shows this difference. Unlike most cases, the AFC consists of a frame-like structure that mainly takes the form of the corners of the iPhone 4. The frame virtually reinforces the iPhone’s by absorbing any impact that the phone might be exposed to. By establishing clearance gaps between the phone itself and the AFC. the forces transferred to the phone are minimized. And with the aircraft-grade aluminum that the AFC is made from, you can be assured and reassured that it won’t break on normal phone handling scenarios.

Another selling point for the AFC is its minimal design and aesthetics in relation to the iPhone. With the frame structure, only the corners of the phone are hidden from view, unlike the conventional ones where the complete underside are covered most of the time. This will also eliminate the chances of marks that can be left on the phone surface upon removal of the case, again due to the clearance gaps mentioned earlier. Finally, it will not hinder the usual functions of the phone like the volume and ringer buttons as well as the jacks and ports. You don’t have to worry whether your headphone jacks or speaker docks will fit normally without removing the case. Convinced? The guys at TechGeeze have provided a comprehensive review and if you’re still thinking twice, don’t hesitate to click the link here.

The Crimson Aircraft Grade Red Aluminum frame case for iPhone 4 (universal) is listed at for $39.99.

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