Hands-On Experience with iPhone 5 Prototype

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 The redesigned iPhone 5 disappointments seemed to have subsided but it was clearly reflected through Apple’s sales results for third quarter particularly to iPhone 4S demand. It was also reported that Apple have just lowered the orders of iPhone 4S for the last quarter. We speculate that may be most of iPhone 4 owners can wait patiently enough to the significantly redesigned iPhone 5 until next year. 

Reports from Business Insider right now surface that gives hope to this speculation with a source claiming to have had access to an iPhone 5 prototype and offered some details on the device.

The source also added that Apple is really planning to release the iPhone 5 this year, but forced to scrap the plans prior to iPhone 4S’ introduction. Most important the primary objection regarding the prototype design came from Steve Jobs, “who claimed that the larger screen would result in fragmentation of the iOS ecosystem, something the company has worked hard to limit.”

Here are some of the details cited by the source, though it was very noticeable that these details were already outed earlier:

– 4-inch screen
– Aluminum back
– Capacitive home button
– “Flatter” form factor
– Much faster than current hardware, but poor battery life
– 10-megapixel rear camera
– Siri prototype known as “Assistant”, which had been the rumored name for the feature until its introduction

It’s still a long way for iPhone 5, but we’re willing to wait and for this rumors to come up so early, we just have to take this with a grain of salt.

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