World’s First Car Insurance Comparison App Launched for iPhone and iPad

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The World’s first car insurance comparison app has been made available to British motorists by a UK based price comparison website. The app which is currently available to anyone who owns either an iPhone or iPad compares prices available through the car insurance providers that are available on the website.

MoneySupermarket hopes that the app will spark a revolution within the insurance industry; encouraging competitors in other regions such as the USA to release similar apps in the near future.

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How the app works

Developed in association with the award winning digital communications company MIG (Mobile Interactive Group), the car insurance app is now available for download free of charge from either the MoneySupermarket website or iTunes. This will give users within the UK free access quotes which are available through over 100 car insurance companies that are featured on the comparison site. This will likely receive the backing of the ABI (Association of British Insurers), who have been encouraging people to compare premiums on offer through multiple providers. The ABI claims that by comparing prices with at least five providers, the average motorist stands to cut 35% off their annual renewal fee.

Once the app has been downloaded on either an iPad or iPhone, users will be asked to create a MoneySupermarket account which will store information about the individual which is relevant to the calculation of premiums. Factors such as the user’s gender, occupation, age and the area in which they live will all be taken into account. The main advantage of creating such an account is that the information will then not need to be re-entered on subsequent occasions, saving users both time and effort when seeking out quotes in the future.

Putting information about the vehicle into the app has also been made simple, with users simply having to take a photograph of the registration plate of the car that users are looking to get cover on. The app will then automatically retrieve the information that is required about the vehicle in order for premiums to be calculated from databases held by motoring authorities; saving users the time required to manually input the data and helping to avoid potential human errors.

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Once the app has the required information about the user and vehicle it will then display a range of car insurance quotes available through providers featured on the website. Each of these quotes will have a ‘click to call button’ alongside them which are designed to make it easier to contact individual insurers in order to make enquiries about specific details within the policy or arrange for the cover to be actioned.

Users need not worry about losing quotes retrieved previously, as the app will automatically save information so that it can be referred to at a later date. This will also make it easier to compare quotes available on different vehicles if users happen to be on the look out for a new car.

Will it be made available in the USA?

MoneySupermarket’s Julie Fisher hailed the app as signalling the beginning of a new era for motorists when it comes to purchase insurance; something which is becoming an increasingly large drain on household resources on the back of the credit crunch. Fisher therefore believes that other companies will follow her companies lead and produce similar apps in the near future.

MoneySupermarket currently only operates in the UK, and the app would therefore be useless to those outside that region. However, if Fisher’s prediction is correct, we can expect American price comparison websites to release similar apps in the near future.

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