Leaked iPad 3 logic board photo reveals A5X, not A6 processor

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Not “A6″, but a clear emblem of “A5X” was labeled on top of the processor bezel on allegedly iPad 3 logic board, this photo leak notably in contrary of the earlier rumors that iPad 3 will be featuring Apple’s A6 processor.

The date code on the A5X suggests timeline that it was created sometime between November 14th and 20th last year. The photo also show off a pair of 16GB flash memory chips manufactured by Hynix.

From here, presumably the A5X should be more powerful than the current A5 found on both the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, that leaves an open question how much powerful? Mark March 7th, as rumors suggests that Apple may have an official announcement for the next generation iPad on that day. By then, Tim Cook may reveal how much of a boost this new A5X chip offers over the previous A5.

Source: MacRumors

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