Watch out for this awesome iWatch concept

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Sometimes I want to play the role of fairy god mother who can do anything in few simple stroke of her magical wand in the air. And guess what, you’re right I will surely make Apple throw this iWatch concept into production, right away.

Thanks to guys at the ADR Studios for this concept, the iWatch2 is a new generation wrist-wear that is iOS-compatible and full of exciting features.

And as we sees it, this concept watch boast some of the features we wanted to have on the final design of iWatch. The concept can be wirelessly connected to iDevices and it’s capable of  FaceTime, front-facing camera along with a mini LCD projector, a 32 GB hard drive to store all your pictures, music tracks and video files.

And if you’re thinking why Apple should have the iWatch? Think of Siri and iCloud as a perfect medium on how iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV and Macs communicates on each other, then all of them was virtually controlled conveniently over your wrist. For example, you can just say or touch something on the iWatch and the Apple TV will play something for you. Interesting?

As of the moment, we don’t know if Apple is brewing something like this on their design lab but we’re very optimistic that Cupertino-giant will surprise us with their own iWatch soon.


Source: ADR Studios (Image Credit)

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