iPad 3 / iPad HD rumors round-up

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The unveiling of the newest iPad dubbed the iPad 3 or iPad HD is only hours away. A lot of rumored specs have already surfaced. Of course, not all of them are true but some of them are almost certain. Here’s a round-up of the rumored features of next-gen iPad:

  • Processor: Initial reports claim that the next iPad will boast a quad-core A6 chip. But others claim that it will be a dual-core A5X chipset. It’s supposed to have a more powerful GPU.
  • Display: It’s almost certain that the new iPad will have a screen having better resolution than its predecessor. It is said to flaunt a 2048 x 1536 Retina Display.
  • Memory: RAM will be upgraded to 1GB from 512MB.
  • Software: iOS 6.0 and a new version of a web browser. Siri on board.
  • Hardware: The new iPad is said to be thicker to accommodate the larger battery. A camera upgrade is expected.
  • Connectivity: The new iPad is rumored to be LTE capable. It’s supposed to have two versions, one for AT&T network and another for Verizon network. There’s also word on an international model with CDMA/3G similar to the radio chipset on iPhone 4S.

We’ll see later at the Apple event which of these specs will make it. On the mean time, let’s cross our fingers that our favorites be included in the iPad 3 / iPad HD or whatever it is called.

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