Ideas for Writing App Review: Inspiration in your iPhone

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iDeasForWriting iPhone App

Relations between technology and literature are changing fast. These years we have seen the revolution of publishing because of the e-book readers and the self-publishing services. Self-publishing is getting easier and now writing stories gets easier too.

iDeas for Writing is a productivity application designed as a writing workshop to carry around. It has several creative triggers (First Lines, Titles, Characters and Five Random Words) with thousands of suggestions to give stories a start point.

The app also has a writing workshop with a lot of writing exercises that work as a guide to take advantage of these triggers and are organized in different categories by difficulty:

1. Start writing right now (exercises to beat the blank page and start writing as soon as possible)
2. Build your characters (exercises for creating and shaping memorable characters)
3. Master the writing techniques (exercises to practice several literary and narrative techniques)
4. Make them speak (exercises for working with narrators and dialogues)
5. Give the atmosphere (exercises to describe and give atmosphere to the stories easily)
6. You are in a hurry (quick exercises for the days you haven’t enough time)

Besides, in future updates of the app, new combinations of words for the triggers, new exercises and new categories will be add for users to keep improving their writing.

Both for professional and amateurs writers, this is an app to improve creativity and writing abilities, but above all it’s an app to find inspiration and enjoy writing.

If you want more information about iDeas for Writing, you can visit the website or the application page on the App Store:

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