iPhone users: Virgin Data Caps

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virgin-mobile-logo-01_1In an effort to improve reliability and boost overall internet speeds, Virgin have announced a cap of 2 Mb/s on their mobile internet speeds. The move was hailed by the company as the best way to give all Virgin mobile phone users a more reliable service. Although the modification meant sacrificing the chance of lightning fast peak speeds, almost all users were excited about the prospect of a relatively quick service that was consistent despite travel and use of the service during peak times. 

Unfortunately for Virgin mobile customers, the service has not been as reliable as the company originally promised. While the global capping of Virgin mobile internet speed has likely improved the service of a number of customers, a sizeable proportion are complaining of no more than sporadic service, with speeds trailing the capped rate if a connection is made at all. Since Virgin acts as a virtual mobile network operator, renting the bandwidth it uses from EE, some are suggesting that it is really EE who are to blame for the patchy service. With the 4 Mb/s cap recently introduced by T-mobile, another company making use of the EE network, the timing of the caps have led some to suspect EE of focusing too much on their new 4G network, while neglecting to provide reliable service to their existing 3G customers.

Only time will tell if Virgin mobile customers will once again be able to access their online resources without fear of intermittent connections, or whether they will simply revert back to the older style of service with decreased overall speeds, but the increased reliability and service coverage that the EE network has become well-known for.

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