Apple iPad Pro 3D concept

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iPad Pro STILL 05

The competition in the tablet market has just been very tight that Apple might need to further expand their armory of iPads, and guess what we are having a larger iPad dubbed to be the iPad Pro if we’ll believe T3’s unofficial iPad Pro rendered 3D design.

The Cupertino-giant is expected to release its new iPhone models this September 10th with the new iPhone 5S and a (right now) believable low-cost plastic iPhone. Now we don’t know if we can also expect if there will be a low-cost iPad but a larger one could be more capable in the near future.

Here’s the Apple iPad Pro 3D concept render by T3:

Do you think it’s marketable to have a larger iPad? What features you are looking to have into the new iPad Pro if ever it’ll hit reality not just its selling point which is the size? Let us know your comment, just below.

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