Apple’s Innovation “The Trackpad as a Screen”

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With each new day, Apple tends to bring something new to the table for its consumers. Whether its an upgrade or a new device itself, but whatever Apple innovates, is always something that is marveled at. Same is the case with the new trackpad manufactured in the Mac OS X. It is one of Apple’s top innovations.

The advanced screen-reading technology in Mac OS X, VoiceOver, now offers a breakthrough new capability for its consumers worldwide. You can control your computer using gestures on a Multi-Touch trackpad even if you can’t see the screen. The trackpad surface on your Mac notebook represents the active window on your computer, so you can touch to hear the item under your finger, drag to hear items continuously as you move your finger, and flick with one finger to move to the next or previous item. You’ll hear how items are arranged on the screen, and you can jump directly to an item just by touching the corresponding location on the trackpad.

This new capability in the Mac OS X is basically targeting a specific group of people, mainly the blind or people having low vision. It is a brilliant & outstanding feature introduced by Apple.

Credit Source: Apple

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