Apple’s Relationship With Education

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Apple’s iPhone & iPod is famous for many things. One of those is the applications they bring with them. With so many education apps available, you can carry an entire library of reference materials with you anywhere. Apps help transform the way teachers teach and students learn. And there are apps for every subject and every stage of learning. The iPod/iPhone being an on-the-go computer in your pocket combined with these educational apps has brought a revolution in the teaching industry. Students can use the video recording to edit videos on the spot, use the Wi-Fi to search from the internet, send mails easily etc. Built-in accessibility features make it easy for any student to benefit from all that iPhone and iPod touch have to offer. The 32GB and 64GB iPod touch and the iPhone 3GS come standard with features that accommodate people with physical impairments, visual and hearing challenges, and different learning styles. Even in entertainment, while you’re shopping for music on iTunes, you can also choose from more than 350,000 free course lectures, videos, readings, and podcasts from universities and institutions worldwide. It’s all on iTunes U.

Apple has clearly though of everything. Its devices are spreading in the Education Industry day by day becoming the transition that is needed for the world to advance.

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