Apple Outpaces Nokia

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For a long time now, Nokia has ruled over the mobile market as king when it comes to manufacturing & generating revenue through its phones but a new study from research firm Strategy Analytics is showing that Apple is now the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer as measured by revenue, outpacing Nokia for the first time ever in the January-March quarter. Apple’s iPhone revenue of $11.9 billion last quarter easily crossed Nokia’s phone revenue of $9.4 billion. Ever since arriving in the phone market, Apple has profited handsomely from its smartphones & now owns half the profits of the entire mobile phone industry which portrays the strengths that Apple possesses for going strong in this industry for a long time. It has become the world’s largest phone vender (by revenue) doing what no other company has ever been able to do, which is toppling Nokia from the top to take its position.

Analyst Alex Spektor states:

“With strong volumes and high wholesale prices, the PC vendor has successfully captured revenue leadership of the total handset market in less than four years.”

10 years ago it would have been unthinkable that Apple (A computer company) with zero mobile phone experience would be beating Nokia within a decade but Apple proved those odds wrong & now is hovering as the New King of the mobile phone industry.

Credit source:  Itnewswire

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