iPhone 5 Rumor roundup [Infographic]

Here we go again to a point where Apple marketing works best, with the rumors, speculations and leaks in-timing to the road of iPhone 5. Some have said that iPhone 5 could be not shown this year as Apple regularly do annually, but you can’t stop the rumors and leaks revealing secrets and heating up the scene for Apple’s “It changed everything” device. We’re sure that you’ve already heard about Sony could be providing a much powerful CMOS sensor for the iPhone 5 or it’ll begin production by September, yes that could be really interesting indeed. However if your memory couldn’t serve you right to remember and keep track of iPhone 5’s development –we’re sure you gonna love the inforgraphic hidden after the break. Be warned that the presented design could be inaccurate or merely imagination, however, you’ll have a better understanding what could be Apple showing off soon.