iPhone As A Homing Device

A homing device is an instrument used to determine one’s location. It acts as beacon & streams the whereabouts of a person to the place where the homing device is linked to. Apparently, iPhone is said to be a homing device. According to a research conducted by two British Researchers, Pete Warden, along with co-researcher Alasdair Allan, who announced their discovery at the Where 2.0 technology conference in Santa Clara, Calif., on Wednesday claim that the Apple iPhone might be storing detailed information about users’ whereabouts and uploading it to their computers when they synchronize their digital devices. How it works is that a program on the Smartphone records geographic co-ordinates and a time stamp, which are then uploaded to a user’s hard drive. Thus anyone with access to that drive could determine where a person has been and when.

Pete Warden states:

“Apple has made it possible for almost anybody — a jealous spouse, a private detective — with access to your phone or computer to get detailed information about where you’ve been.”

The press of course has tried to get a hold of Apple Inc but have failed to do so as Apple is not issuing any statements about the claim made by the researchers.

Credit source: Yahoo News