Top 5 iPhone 5 Development Rumors

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iPhone 5 Rumor

The iPhone wouldn’t be what it is today without an active internet rumor mill. Whether it’s a popular tech blog, or a Twitter update, everyone has a “credible” anonymous tip on the iPhone 5‘s ongoing development. Lets take a look at the top 5 internet rumors circling the impending release of the eagerly anticipated iPhone 5.
1. Bigger Screen

The one thing many popular Android phones have over the iPhone design is the sheer size of the screen. Currently, the iPhone 4 display measures at 3.5 inches. The new iPhone 5 is actually rumored to measure between four and five inches diagonally. In the minds of many iPhone users, screen size is one selling advantage of newer Android phones, like the HTC EVO and the Droid X. Time will tell how much of a difference screen size really makes.

2. No Internal Storage/Faster Processor

This is perhaps among the crazier rumors floating around the tech blogosphere. The rumor is that the new iPhone will have absolutely no internal storage, but will rely heavily on a series of cloud-based platforms to drive the new iOS version. Though an interesting idea, a cloud-based iPhone would be a highly unlikely move by the developers and engineers at Apple. The new version of the smartphone is also rumored to run on the lightning fast Intel A5 processor chip.

3. 3D Display

With Nintendo’s recent 3DS handheld gaming system, and the uptick in 3D films and animation, it would be no surprise if Apple followed suit. With the rumored A5 processor, 3D video and images could easily become a reality for the iPhone 5.

4. Slide-out Keyboard

Perhaps the most hotly debated rumor is that there would be a physical keyboard and a built-in NFC chip. This rumor supports the idea that the phone could be completely redesigned, but it would be virtually impossible for Apple to build a thinner, lighter and more sleek iPhone with a bulky slide-out keyboard to deal with. Hardware companies have long speculated how a working NFC chip would change the smartphone market. If Apple implements mobile payments, they may have solid leg up on the constantly evolving Android smartphone market.

5. More RAM, 4G/LTE Support, HDMI Port

More, more, more is the motto for the new iPhone device. It is rumored to up the internal RAM from 512Mo to 1Gob, which significantly boost the iPhone’s overall performance. The iPhone 5 is supposed to finally offer 4G support for AT&T, and quite possibly LTE for the Verizon models. Lastly, the iPhone is likely to have a built-in HDMI port for external digital video hardware and/or displays, making it easy to connect without an expensive adapter.

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