Apple’s Garageband 11 Takes Music To A New Level

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GarageBand ’11, the latest version of Apple’s amateur musician software, builds on an already impressive, easy-to-use app, with more ways to help your band play better together, more amp and pedal styles, and better tools for teaching you how to play instruments. Garageband allows users to make music on a Mac. Just plug in a guitar or keyboard and start playing. If you don’t have an instrument, you can use your keyboard or their build in loops and tracks.

Apple states on the fact that GarageBand is a tool for making music, but anyone can use it. No talent required. It underscores this message by ignoring the podcast, ringtone, and movie-soundtrack elements and focusing entirely on making it easy to compose music. It includes a variety of “smart” instruments that allow you to play pleasing notes, chords, and beats on virtual keyboards, guitars, basses, and drums without requiring even a bit of musical training.

GarageBand ’11 takes further steps into the musical world by not only expanding and refining its teaching efforts but also adding more amps and effects to its Guitar tracks. It also incorporates two features found in Logic and Logic Express, Flex Time and Groove Matching, to help you adjust the timing and rhythm of the music you record.

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