Colorize Your Mail With iPhone’s Color Mail App

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Email is the most reliable way to get connected all around the world. It is so much faster than a snail letter and easier to be accessed. Therefore, people use their phones or iPhone to check email On-The-Go. They can always check their emails and know what is going on with their business through their iPhone or just to stay in touch with your friends. Normally, email appearance is just very standard. There is no fun at all, including the color and the picture. However, if you have an iPhone and iOS application on it, you can change that.

This web application helps you to create a color styled email template and then you can use it directly in your iOS Mail app to send a colorful email to your friends.

You can simply generate a colorful email from plenty of templates. Just tap to choose a theme from all categories, then browse and choose your favorite template, you can then use it directly in Mail App and send it to your friends now.

This is a very interesting app introduced just to make our easy access a bit of lively and fun.

Credit Source: Apple

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