Engrave Yourself In Your iPad 2

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Although, not really required, Apple always has a way to attract customers with different and unique but simple techniques. As if its devices aren’t enough to blow you away, Apple thinks of ways to keep you gagging for more. We all knew about the engraving feature that Apple used to provide to its customers, well now it’s going to start engraving names, messages and so much more on your new thinner, lighter and faster, iPad 2. It is just a way for Apple to make your iPad even more memorable.

Apple is giving away different engraving options to customers which they choose from it’s site. They include such messages like, “Get Your Own, Dad. This Belongs to Mom” or “I’m all yours and now this is too” and many more choices available for every occasion. Beside from that, you can also arrange your own message from your own innovations & have it engraved. Apple can then have it shipped to your address.

I guess, Apple has once again proved why it is at the top.

Credit Source: Apple Store

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