How Apple Charges a Magic Mouse

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Apple now brings to the world the first inductive charger for magic mouse known as Mobee Magic Charger for Apple Magic Mouse. The Magic Charger allows you to wirelessly charge your Magic Mouse, providing up to six days of autonomous power. All you have to do is just rest the mouse on the magic charging station for wireless charging.

It is based on the inductive charging technology and has an ultra-slim design which is quite easy and perfect for mobility. It is a USB-Powered charger and does not require any battery changing so the concept of discarding batteries is out. You never have to replace batteries again with Mobee’s magical wireless inductive charger for the Magic Mouse because its sleek and unobtrusive design lets your mouse rest easy on a sleek charging station that plugs in to a USB port. The set up takes less than two minutes. A full charge takes approximately five hours and then lasts long for worry-free pointing and clicking. You don’t even have to worry when you’re traveling, because a full charge will last about six days. Plus keeping in mind that the device is portable so you can charge for more if you’re trip is longer.

But the best feature according to Apple is that it has a reasonable cost considering it is a device for traveling, or at home or office.

Credit Source:  Apple

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