Philips Provides A Dock For Your iPhone/iPod

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The Philips “Fidelio DS3000” provides you a speaker dock for your iPhone/iPod which delivers crystal clear sound that fills your personal space. It also lets you synchronize your iPhone or iPod with your computer, as well as the option of AC or battery power for maximum flexibility. Place it on your desk, in your bedroom or anywhere else, the Philips Fidelio DS3000 Desktop Speaker Dock lets you Play and charge your iPhone or iPod anywhere you go. It has a compact design for any available space & provides a lifestyle USB port to allow an easy connection for syncing with your computer. Total power output is of 8 Watts. It also gives you the battery or AC power option. Along with all that, neodymium speaker drivers deliver better bass response and pure, balanced sound. And if all this wasn’t enough, it has an Aux-in for easy connection to almost any electronic device.

Philips has taken the device Apple gave you & made enjoying music more interesting. This device is available for purchase at the Apple store along with a Fidelio+ iPhone/iPod app, available as a free download on the iTunes app store. The app provides enhanced functionality and includes sound settings, a clock with both analog or digital display, and multiple alarm options and sleep timer.

Credit Source: Apple Store

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