Playing Poker on Your iPhone

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The iPhone shows no sign of slipping in either popularity or sales and that success is in large part due to the apps and games available for it. Many owners use their iPhone more for the games available for it than as an actual phone, and that includes poker fans. While access to online poker sites is limited on both the iPhone and iPad, there are a ton of great poker apps available (including one developed by Apple itself) that let fans of the game enjoy poker action no matter where they are.

Playing Poker on Your iPhone

As far as the bad news, if you live in the US you’ll have a difficult time using your iPhone to play online poker for real money, as Apple has taken a strict stance against gambling apps, with many not able to gain approval for listing in the App Store. The handful of real money gambling apps that have been approved are solely for users outside of the US where online gambling is legal. Apple’s lack of support for Flash also makes it impossible to use many of the browser-based gambling clients available at some sites, so iPhone owners in the US will have to turn to many of the poker apps available for free money play.

Dozens of poker apps are now available including Apple Texas Hold’em, which pits you against various computer opponents at locales around the world. Like many other poker apps, you’ll have the chance to test your skill against computer opponents, which have their own tells and playing styles that you’ll need to recognize and capitalize on if you want to be successful. There are also various poker utility apps available, such as training games that help you calculate odds and timers for running your own home poker tournaments.

If you’re after action that’s more similar to online play (minus the ability to compete for real money), apps like Zynga Poker replicate the same experience of playing at online poker sites, letting you compete against tens of thousands of real opponents that log in from around the world. You’ll be able to compete in tournaments as well as ring games, and the large network of players makes it very easy to find a game at any time of the day or night.

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