The Invincible iPhone 5

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The iPhone 5

This could probably one of the most popular post on that I have picked up to share with you. The catch is the next generation iPhone 5. Rumors spread out, here and then for the iPhone 5 but absolutely this one is the most convincing video I’ve ever watched that iPhone 5 really exists, yes right beside you, wait for you to grab and hold. You’ll know what I’m talking about if you’ll check it out after the break.

iPhone 5G New Features:
  • It’s invisible
  • Float in mid-air
  • Can be small or larger as you wanted it to be
  • Very advance texting method (telepathy)
  • High resolution face-to-face picture
  • MSRP US$800

Interestingly, got a hit of 417 shares on facebook for this post, let’s see on how can do –now share it!

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