The Next Gen iPod Rumored To Be Button-Less

The fifth-generation iPod touch has emerged in photos published on several blogs, supporting an incredible 128GB of storage and an all-capacitive front panel, in what would support rumors of Apple dropping the physical home button on its iOS devices.

For months now, Apple has been rumored to plan the elimination of the physical home button on its iOS devices, though nothing is certain about this being the case. The 128GB of on-board memory would be less debatable, as the next version of the iPod touch may very well be double the storage capacity for all models. In this respect, the fifth-generation iPod touch would start at 32GB as minimum. However, this too is not all that likely, with flash (NAND) storage still priced high.

As far as the physical changes are concerned, this model also supports the same aluminum backing that the iPhone 5 is rumored to have but what is really captivating is the going buttonless. It has its definite advantages, specifically in the durability department, other than that, no other details are yet known, although not sure if this is real or not — thus, this stays in the rumor mill unless otherwise proven.

Credit Source:  Techgeeze