TwelveSouth Cleans Up Your Desk With Its BookArc

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BookArc is a desktop stand by TwelveSouth which is a simple, elegant way to operate your closed MacBook while at home. It literally turns your laptop into a mini-tower desktop computer. You can save space by placing your MacBook or MacBook Pro vertically on end with the BookArc desktop stand.

It is carved from strong, heavy gauge steel. The BookArc vertically holds any MacBook from MacBook Air to the 17-inch MacBook Pro. Park your BookArc-cradled MacBook next to your LED Cinema Display and you’ll have the coolest desktop/laptop set-up your desk has ever seen.

The concept behind the BookArc is to give you a clean and less cluttered workspace. Unlike other stands, it doesn’t cause scratches to your notebook; rather the notebook rests gently on its soft silicon footpads. Along with that, the BookArc actually speeds up the performance of your system. When your MacBook is running closed in the BookArc, your machine will automatically dedicate 100% of its video memory to the external display – instead of splitting it with the internal display. You’ll experience a widely noticeable increase in speed while working on different platforms.

Credit Source: Apple

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