Voice Command As Easy As Speaking To The iPhone

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By voice command, I am implying towards one the most the attractive features of the iPhone known as “Voice Control”. As the title of the article states, iPhone makes voice commands as simple as talking. All you have to do is ask if you want to listen to a song or make a call to a contact and presto, the iPhone performs your desired task.

Maybe you want to call your friend named John. Or you want to dial the number you just saw. With Voice Control, just say “Call John” or “Call 555-1234,” and iPhone makes the call. It recognizes the names in your Contacts list, so it can find and call anyone you want. And iPhone repeats your voice commands to confirm them before it dials.

Voice Control recognizes the music in your library. You can ask iPhone to play a specific album, artist, or playlist. If you say “play more songs like this,” it will activate the Genius feature. If you’re not sure what’s playing, just ask “what’s playing?” and your iPhone will inform.

Indeed, iPhone’s voice control feature surpasses every other voice command feature we’ve known to exist in mobiles or hand held devices.

Credit Source: Apple

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