WWDC 2011: Utter disappointment, no iPhone 5

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For month prior to the global event, rumors and speculations had been going around about Apple unveiling its so-much-talked about iPhone 5 on June 5th at the WWDC 2011, but to the utter disappointment of many, that was not the case Apple seems to be focusing on the “future of of iOS and Mac OS X”. However, we have come to know that Apple starts production on its iPhone 5 in September this year but the fact remains is that many people though and were hoping to see the iPhone 5 at the world wide development conference hosted by Apple each year because Apple has been known to unveil a new hardware at this conference for quite a few constant years now.

So where does this lead us? Well we know that Apple is stirring up something this fall as mentioned above, which is probably where they might unveil a new iPhone. As for that rumored new tablet to go along the same event, it’s kind of unlikely given the recently launched iPad 2 but if the said rumors are true, then it will be a good way to pair up the new iPhone to their popular tablet.

Credit Source: Techgeeze

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