Apple Dethroned Nokia as the World’s Top Smartphone Vendor

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Financial Times reported that Apple have officially surpassed Nokia as the world’s top smartphone vendor. The Apple’s very strong start this year was carried even more in this quarter turn out, making a conversion of 3.6 million unit lead this quarter prior to Nokia’s 5.5 million unit lead during the first quarter.

In numbers this quarter, Apple shipped 20.3 million iPhones while Nokia has 16.7 million units and that’s is notably 34 percent decline from their prior records. Since Apple is breaking records recently, as the company was already the biggest smartphone maker by revenue and profits, but the month of April to June was the first time it had surpassed Nokia in volume.

Regarding the emerging Android competition, since it was diluted into numbers of manufacturers, there’s no single vendor have surpassed the Apple’s shipment. Notable makers were Samsung and HTC who have seen a very strong growth but both of them just registered half of Apple’s total shipment.

Overall we could probably paint next quarters update as another record-breaking announcement as Apple may dished out the new iPhone 5 and iPad 3 along the way.

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