iPhone 5 Case Prototypes Surface

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So this is it, we are nearing the judgement day for the iPhone 5, so rumors were popping out crazy like popcorn on a heated pan. Throwing itself to almost all directions just to get the normal or far better attentions to build a massive hype before September knock in the calendar. Today, it looks like that everything that’s most likely to relate to iPhone 5 has gone heated on the tech community –even just accessories.

Earlier the leaked rendering of the iPhone 5 case was cemented by an actual silicone prototypes that easily shows cosmetic speculations on what the next generation iPhone may look like. The silicone case “shows the curved and much ergonomic tapered back which accordingly much thinner. It also appears to showcase larger screen and wider home button.”

If you’re wondering where this prototypes came from and if you can trust the sources, ooh, well the normal place where Panda and Yao Ming is a superstar, but if you said someone connected to Foxconn then you make it closely to a Chinese accessories manufacturer through a European online retailer MobileFun.

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