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“…a modern and unique carrying solution for your MacBook Pro 13 or MacBook Air 13.” When I first caught a glimpse of the Acme Made Clutch, I thought of the same exact word to describe it, “modern”. Although I have to admit, from the Acme Made website product catalog section, I thought it was all leather at first. Apparently, no, instead it‘s a “unique” designer-coated canvas exterior. OK, so they’re pretty much spot-on on how they’ve labeled this item. But the question is, are these qualities enough to make a sell? Or form and function weighs more in the balance? I suggest you read on to find out what we have to say.



A lid that consumes the whole area covers the front of the Clutch. On the back you’ll find the rings where to attach its shoulder strap. Both sides are plain, no pockets on the outside, which gives it that modern look for a bag.

Upon opening the flap of the Clutch, which is that of those messenger type bags, it felt pretty effortless with it being Velcro fastened. The Velcro does the job at holding the bags lid, enough to keep your MacBook in the bag. One thing with Velcro’s though is they make that annoying sound whenever you detached them. This one’s no different, it does make that sound, but having the Velcro attached slimly on each side, it makes it a bit smoother. It doesn’t give you that feel of having to detach a wide chunk of Velcro.

Immediately covered by the lid are pockets for your cards, iPhone, two elastic tabs to keep you pens and a zipped section for you charger or whatnot.

The main section of the bag is divided into two by a padded layer, which keeps cushion for your Mac. The MacBook fits well, to add to that. The other section of the main area gives you enough room for your documents; magazines or perhaps your charger can be placed there if you opt to. The zipped pocket maybe a tad bit small for it.




From the exterior, the entire look of the bag is its brown “designer-coated canvas with PU leather trim details”. From afar you might think of it as leather, until sunshine strikes it and gives you a glare off its shiny coating. I would’ve preferred it to be plain leather though. But that may just be too boring for Acme Made’s taste. The edges of the bag are wrapped with black polyurethane leather trims. In the inside you’ll see woven nylon, which I must say adds a sleek feel to it. Nicely done.

The strap is a usual black strap that you often see on shoulder bags for laptops, although this one’s smoother yet stiff. Could use a bit of cushioning to go with it for your shoulders though, but none seem to have been provided for it. But I presume the bag is designed for a light load, so it may not be that much of a concern.



For its design I’d dub it as simple and elegant looking. It does have a feminine feel to it though. I reckon that there’s a huge chance that men would shy off from one of these. It’s a bit too shiny for my taste. But women would definitely best fit this bag. With its modern and slick look, this would best fit the corporate scene.



All in all the bag’s form is a plus; simple yet functions really well. Although I’ve always wanted laptop bags to at least have a handle where I could grab for ease of use. Also, the design of its lock with a Velcro keeps this bag from having a handle, for it might not be able to keep its hold. I do have one concern with the placement of the brass material where you attach the strap, having to carry the bag with its load; it oddly leans forward, keeping it from being hanging balanced. This can be a bit annoying when walking around with the bag overtime.

There’s no specific ample room for your charger, I found it a bit too tight for the zipped pocket to fit in. Of course you can but it does make one side of the bag bulky. You can always opt to put it inside the bigger compartment inside, but then having a few documents inside it may be a bit tight.

The Good

Simple and elegant design that functions relatively well.

The Bad

Could use a handle and a more secure locking system. The placement of the attachment rings for the strap causes the bag to lean forward.

The Bottom-line

The Clutch is a great everyday-use bag for those people on the go. It does sit your MacBook and documents well enough to carry around with ease. Although it does have some room for improvements in terms of functionality.


Where to Buy

Currently Acme Made Skinny Sleeve MBA is offered as an add-on accessory at the Apple Store or you can go directly to Acme Made site. For more Acme Made products you can also check out’s full Acme Made product listings.

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