iPhone 5 Cases Are ‘Everywhere’ in China Entails Redesigned Form Factor

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Those iPhone cases reported earlier by 9to5Mac.com was really a hint, that this time MICGadget reports that the early iPhone 5 cases was now “everywhere” in China and shows relative design to what iPhone 5 might look like. Both report suggest a slightly larger or wider body than the existing iPhone 4. It also shows the curved and much ergonomic tapered back which accordingly much thinner. It also appears to showcase larger screen and wider home button.

Now it seems that the manufacturers in China is getting confident on the design that they seemed to do mass production of it already. And the targeted possible September release is causing this manufacturers to put extra effort, just to cope with the demand of accessories ready on the release day. So business-wise that’s lots of profit.

If you’ll track back the days when Apple is about to give birth on new idevices, the leaks are very vulgar, that’s accordingly on a report of MacRumor: “three people were sentenced to prison in China for leaking details of the iPad 2 case design prior to its launch.”

So if they’re that confident, we think that the design is a bit plausible, knowing that there is also rumors of Apple dishing out two versions of iPhones with new low-cost iPhone 4S and radically redesigned iPhone 5.