iPhone 5: The Attack of the Clones in China

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The iPhone 5 case leaked has revealed some of the cosmetic design for the device that already been translated into physical device, yes –a counterfeited one already roaming in China. These item is classified to be running a JAVA based OS, MP3 and MP4 playback and Wi-Fi while priced for only $108.

It does follow what the case design that suggested with tapered back,  much thinner body with 7mm thick while the iPhone 4 comes in at 9.3mm while labeled and sold as “iPhone 5” from the Chinese online store Taobao. Though it didn’t exactly catched the case leaked design, looking at mute button still located on same place and the home button is same round design rather than the rumored elongated one.

So with flux of rumors coming out, one thing is sure to be quite sure —iPhone 5 is on the way, mark any date in September.