The Skinny Sleeve MBA Review

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For a first impression, this Skinny Sleeve for you MacBook Air by Acme Made surely catches your attention. It’s pretty sleek. If I were to walk into a shop in search for a protective case for my MBA and saw this on the display? No questions asked, I’d be out of there in five minutes with this in the bag. You might ask, is it really worth it for a price tag of $39.95? Well, we invite you to read on after the break.



What I like about this sleeve is that it’s really thin. At first glance you can tell that it’s made specifically for a MacBook Air. If you’re carrying an Air then most likely you’re after mobility. This sleeve is perfect, it being too thin; you can easily put it in any other bags. Ladies would most likely just want to put it in their bags where they have all their stuff in.





Both sides of the sleeve are composed of a stretchy neoprene, which is so smooth, and is said to be water and stain resistant. It has no zipper to seal in your MBA, instead they’ve utilized an elastic band which keeps your Air in the sleeve. It’s also a snug fit, so you don’t have to worry about it having to slide out of the sleeve. There’s an extra layer of soft cloth inside the sleeve to avoid scratches. And between that and the neoprene is some sort of plastic support that makes the sleeve stiff enough so as to avoid accidentally folding it if you don’t have your MBA inside. It would also serve as extra protection for your MBA.



The design is just great. I could never think of any other bag or sleeve for the MacBook Air that would match its quality and form. We got sent the black one, but it’s also available in purple. The black one has red stitching on each of the three sides, which best compliment the sleeve’s logo print on it’s front view.

Is it worth your money? Yes, definitely.


Wrap up

The Good
Everything about it is just so right.

The Bad
Can’t really think of any.

The Bottomline
A definite good buy for MBA owners.


Where to Buy

Currently Acme Made Skinny Sleeve MBA is offered as an add-on accessory at the Apple Store or you can go directly to Acme Made site. For more Acme Made products you can also check out’s full Acme Made product listings.