iPhone 5 Is Being Targeted By Samsung Korea

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iPhone 5 even before its release, is being targeted by Samsung Korea. The legal war between Apple and Samsung is not a new thing. In past we have seen many cases in which Apple and Samsung are against each other.

Now the time come when Apple is going to unveil its latest iPhone 5, this thing will really disrupt Samsung from many ways. At very first Samsung is trying to ban Apple iPhone 5 in South Korea. It has been reported that senior executive of Samsung Korea is filling a law suit against Apple Inc.

Apple has clashes with many other companies like HTC, Motorola etc but the problems and clashes between Samsung and Apple has taken a long way. In recent times Apple has won a patent case against Samsung Galaxy Tab in Germany.

The release of iPhone 5 will no doubt give a great shock to other companies especially to Samsung. After iPhone 5 arrival, the bulk of rumors will float in markets that will affect its sales. Samsung these days is promoting its Galaxy S II smartphone, to weaken the hype of upcoming iPhone 5.

Source: eweek