iPhone 5G, A New Trend Setter In Smartphone Industry

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iPhone 5G undoubtedly a spectacular Smartphone of the world is probably coming on 4th of October 2011. Well just few days left and the world will be having latest gadget of the time. Though many people can’t buy it because of its high price, Apple has to think seriously for reducing its upcoming iPhone’s price.

In European countries people can get it through various mobile phone companies in easy packages but problem is for developing and under developed countries. We cannot exactly mention its price but it depends on the features that Apple is giving.

iPhone 5G, with its new look and features will set a new trend in the world of Smartphones. Other Smartphones manufacturing companies like Samsung, HTC and Nokia will surly think for competing Apple’s latest version of iPhone.

The holographic keyboard, 8 megapixel camera and IOS 5 are the most expected features of iPhone 5G. It is really difficult for Apple lovers to wait until 4Th October 2011. Developers are working on latest apps for iPhone 5G that will enhance its working for sure. For more information regarding iPhone 5G keep visiting Themacherald.

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