Apple Latest iTunes Beta Reveals “iPhone 4S” Name

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It’s getting clearer for the iPhone 4S moniker to be announced later on asĀ 9to5Mac reported that the latest iTunes beta released last Friday revealed “iPhone 4S” using the same image icon as the iPhone 4 CDMA. This could considerably suggest that the next generation iPhone will look identical to the Verizon CDMA iPhone 4, just a mere upgrade rather than a fully redesigned iPhone 5.

On a report of MacRumors, update shows that the iTunes Beta has been pulled off and back:

Update: Latest iTunes Beta has been pulled.

Update 2: It’s now available again. There’s some debate as to whether it was pulled at all, but the same version remains available now to download.

Update 3: So, the “iPhone 4S” reference first appeared in the iTunes Betas back in iTunes Beta 6.1 which was released on August 29th, 2011 — a little over a month ago.

We got few more hours, but lessen your expectation for iPhone 5 –could it be iPhone 4S, hold on.


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