Apple’s iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle to be Discontinued

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This time the word “classic” might become literal, as Apple is reportedly planning to drop the mighty axe to the iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle devices this year.

According to TUAW, “It seems that the “product transition” Apple mentioned on the last earnings call could very well be within the iPod line. Specifically, if you want to buy an iPod shuffle or iPod classic from Apple, you should do it sooner rather than later. We’ve heard those two iPods are getting the axe this year.”

A probable reasons could be the iPod line has been making up a smaller and smaller percentage of Apple’s revenue with the emerging iPhone’s explosive popularity, not to mention that this small revenue could be accounted most to the iPod touch. These means that the iPod touch could stand few more years along with the iPod nano.  Recently, related claims surface to be releasing into new white version along with minimal changes.

The chain could be iPhone killing the iPod touch, iPod touch killing the iPod Classic that might be also applied to iPad killing the Macbook Air.

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