Apple Working on Two iOS Updates to Address Battery Issues and Bring New Siri Improvements

Apple is working on two separated software updates for iOS 5 to address the battery-gate issues that wasn’t resolved during the last update and the other one was to further enhance Siri’s integration, as reported by German site Macerkopf.

iOS 5.0.2 coming very soon, solving the battery bugs. Should arrive before the end of next week. Apple is working hard on the update. In addition Apple ist working on the first big iOS 5 Update (iOS 5.1), bringing some siri-extensions. Also the Siri hardware-control is in work “take a picture”, “make a video”, “switch on/off WiFi”, “switch on/off BT” and more.

The reports also revealed that the iOS 5.0.2 update should be roll out no later than next week with the intended expedite fixes for battery-gate issues. Apple is rushing to fix the issues, however, until right now there’s no sign of developer testing for 5.0.2.

Apart from the battery-gate fixes, the source claims that Apple is also working for an update to further improved Siri’s functionality that is set to be rolled out early next year to be dubbed as iOS 5.1. The significant enhancements for this update points to “Apple’s Siri FAQ to note that additional language support and expansion of maps and local search to new countries will be included in the update. In addition, Apple is said to be looking at a significant expansion of Siri’s capabilities for controlling iOS devices, implementing commands for such tasks as taking photos and videos, and turning connectivity such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on and off. “

Let us hope that Apple’s iOS 5.0.2 update will resolve the battery-gate issues as some new adapters have been eying for iPhone 4S but hesitant until it became stable.