BlueAnt EMBRACE Stereo Headphones Reviewed

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OK, so when we look for good earphones or headphones to match our favorite music player, we mainly consider two things. First is the sound quality — heck why would you buy one if you don’t care about the sound right? And second, and often the more neglected one, is the comfort factor — how long would you have these on without hurting your ear or something. Now many headphone sets are hit or miss when taking into consideration the aforementioned factors, but there are still others that manage to have both and take it one step further. One such example is BlueAnt’s latest offering in their music accessory line. Here’s the EMBRACE Stereo Headphones and as the name implies, it will embrace you with both the music and the comfort it brings.

Embracing with sound — that’s a nice concept and the EMBRACE does it pretty well. When talking about these accessories, whether it’s a dock or a headphone set for that matter, we often look for certain sound qualities like more bass, clearer treble, something along these lines. However, we often forgot that most music players have this thing called the Equalizer. This isn’t something new yet many would often incorrectly tune theirs, causing the music to sound horrible and then blame it to the hardware. The EMBRACE on the other hand does something that most headphones should’ve done way back. It properly utilizes the equalizer setting of a particular player and together with its dynamic drivers, produces a very natural sound — not like some frequency is forced.

Embracing with comfort — again, this is where the “EMBRACE” name comes more into fruition. Each driver has a thick but very soft foam attached that when you wear it, it feels like you have pillows on your headphones. In other words, it is very comfortable to wear that you won’t notice the hours you’ve spent listening to music, thanks to it. Combined with the natural sound it produces, the EMBRACE works like wonders. Now how does it fare aside from these two qualities? The great people at TechGeeze has come up with a review that would most likely convince you on whether this is a worthy buy or not. Just head onto their site for the in-depth review.

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