Dual-SIM iPhone Case

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I know an iPod touch case that will enable the device to get phone functionality. Today we’ll be featuring almost same idea of that case, this time boasting a the dual-SIM capability for your iPhone –the Vooma Peel PG920 iPhone case. Though it definitely shows an added bulk on your iPhone it gives two more great functionality in it, as an extra battery pack and most importantly the case automatically unlocks your iPhone from your carrier.

Techcrunch tried it out and described the associated application as a little wonky with “the dialing screen [being] a bitmapped copy of the original dialer and the letters and numbers [being] slightly warped.” Everything works fine according to TC, however, you’ll have your iPhone be jailbroken before the Vooma Peel PG920 iPhone case to work.

Unfortunately, it’s not available yet, but you can drop your email address to be notified when it was release.

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