Review: Crimson Premium Surface Protector for iPhone 4

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OK, so the guys at TechGeeze had their share of Crimson goodness with their Aluminum Frame Case (AFC) and their Premium Surface Protector for iPad 2. For this offering, we bring you another one of their Apple device accessory which is very similar to the latter one featured at TechGeeze… well they’re technically the same so go figure. We bring you their Surface Protectors for the iPhone 4. Now how does these differ from their iPad 2 counterparts? What are their apparent advantages over the others in the market? Is it worth buying at all? We’ll all find that out in this review of said product so just sit tight.


  • Made from the highest quality, multi-layered, Japanese-manufactured film
  • The ultimate protection against dust, scratches, oil and dirt for your iPad 2
  • Advanced silicone adhesive minimizes bubbles during application and alows for easy removal without residue
  • Surface protectors can be cleaned with water and reapplied
  • Ooes not affect iPad 2 touch screen responsiveness
  • No “rainbow” effect
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth included

Unboxing & Presentation

Just like the iPad 2 counterparts, these Premium Surface Protectors are packed in a nice cardboard blister case complete will all the standard style of Crimson packaging design. You have the product name written in metallic typeface at the top with an image of the protector variant right at front. Now they’re also making this illustration illustrative (yep, that’s redundancy) of what’s inside. For example, their Mirror variant will have a product image that mimics the mirror finish. Their Sparkle variant has the product image sparkly and all. Not really needed but is a nice touch to easier distinguish between protector variants.

Crimson keeps things consistent as the iPhone Surface Protectors also come in a plastic folder-like enclosure sealed by two labels at both sides. Upon cracking them open, the protector itself comes in a plastic bag attached to the back part of the enclosure while the cleaning cloth is also in a bag attached to the front side. And they’re still placing the attachment instructions on that same back panel of that enclosure. Again, very much appreciated as with this setup, there won’t be any loose papers that have the instructions — lessening the chances of losing them.


Now this is where some differences come in between their two surface protector lines. While the iPad 2 versions come
with only a single film for the touchscreen, the iPhone 4 ones actually come with two. That’s right, while most retail protectors only come with a film to stick to the touch screen, Crimson gives us another film for the rear of the phone. Very much appreciated on their part since while all the touching and swiping are done in the touchscreen, the rear of the device gets placed down in all kinds of surfaces. Rough, smooth, felt — not only they’re simply placed, chances are they might be pushed and dragged along said surface, increasing the chances of having marks in that very reflective back surface. Not only that, Crimson also provides specific variants just for the back of the iPhone 4. But we’ll also get into that in a bit.


While their iPad 2 surface protectors had fewer varieties, Crimson’s iPhone 4 line up have more. Now they’re also made of the same materials, sandwiched usually into four layers with some exceptions. A combination of a top Hard Coat, PET 100u material , the Silicon Adhesive and finally, a layer of PET Liner at the bottom comprises the protector itself. Installation is pretty straight forward, you remove the back covering, making sure that the phone surface is dust free. Then align the protector itself, making sure that all air bubbles are eliminated. Finally remove the top cover, polishing it all out afterwards. Like the bigger counterpart, these protectors are easily removed with the help if the Silicone Adhesive and won’t leave marks on the phone surface.

Onto the variants. This is what makes Crimson different from the other manufacturers as they provide more specific product variations to cater a wider range of users. First to the essential ones. For those wanting to have their phones fingermark and smudge free, they have the Anti-Fingerprint variety. This is not a matte protector as most might associate with an anti-fingerprint product, though still provides ample resistance against prints. Of course the surface must be clean and oil free for that to happen.

Then there’s the Anti-Reflection and Anti-Glare variants? How do these two differ? Anti-Glare reduces the hard light being absorbed and reflected by the surface that will cause the display to look washed out when read under direct sunlight. While the protector doesn’t totally eliminate glare, it definitely helps in reducing it — making a more readable display out of the iPhone 4. On the other hand, the Anti-Reflection variant, as the name implies, decreases reflection on the surface. This won’t make the user use the phone as a mirror with the less reflections. So you won’t have to see everything at your back when using your phone.

If you want the direct opposite of the Anti-Reflection variant, then Crimson is happy to bring you the Mirror variant. What this does is provide a highly reflective surface with a very glossy protector. This is perfect for people who want to have that “showroom shine” in their phone. This also benefits the fact that Crimson provides a protector for the back of the iPhone 4 as it will allow the black rear finish to be more reflective as well. Now, if you want to have a literally mirror finish to your iPhone 4, then Crimson also has a product with that in mind. With the True-Mirror Back variant, you’ll be like literally sticking a mirror onto the rear of your phone. One little caveat we have with this is that what Crimson has provided for the front portion of the phone is the Anti-Reflection surface protector. They could’ve gone full mirror if they instead included the Mirror variant as the front protector.

Finally, for those who want their iPhone 4 to be fabulous, then there’s the Sparkle variant. To achieve this, they’ve placed a layer of Sparkle Treatment in between the Hard Coat and the PET 100u layers – providing what they term as a surface with “diamond-like luster.” As a bonus, they’ve applied the sparkle treatment while maximizing fingerprint and smudge resistance.

Final Thoughts

Clearly, you can’t have the best of both worlds with these protectors. If you want to have a Anti=Fingerprint Mirror-like screen, you might just have to compromise with choosing between either of the products they provide. But once you stick a protector on your phone, it is indeed protected. It minimizes scratches while having a good finish. Crimson retails their iPhone protectors from $14.95 to $18.95. Some might find that a little expensive but after knowing what goes under this stuff, it is a very worth purchase. So, do we recommend these? Yes we do. For more on these Surface Protectors and other products, please visit Crimson’s site at

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