Siri Ported on iPod Touch and iPhone 4

So it seems like a normal Apple thing for the new Siri voice recognition system that was official only for the new iPhone 4S –that was “before” as reports reveals it was successfully ported on the previous hardware such iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G. There are some limitations on porting Siri to iPhone 4 due to authentication issues however, developers @stroughtonsmith and @chpwn have been able to bypass this hurdle and was able to successfully get Siri working on previous version of iDevices. We got a video of Siri running on an iPod touch 4G after the break check it out.

The video shows the Siri working in good speed answering some simple questions. This definitely void speculations that Siri might be only working with devices running A5 like the iPhone 4S. One of the developer, told MacRumors that despite it working on the iPod Touch, it doesn’t work entirely well due to the relatively poor performance of the microphone. “You have to be loud and close to it”, the developer said. However, it does perform quite well on the iPhone 4 and works “just as fast as the 4S”.

Unfortunately, though the developers successfully get Siri on old devices, there might be no public release happening soon as it will directly violate legal issues of repackaging Apple’s code and distributing it.

So are you one of us, that Apple should at least release Siri as an app that you can pay for old compatible iDevices?