How iOS 5 Will Kill off Text Messaging and Greeting Cards

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Text messaging has long been a staple of communication since before the dawn of the smartphone, but it may well see extinction now that cheaper and better options are available like you are able to send free text messages. Carriers tend to charge massive fees and reap huge margins for their text messaging plans, with most unlimited plans costing an extra $20 in addition to the voice and data plans. Regardless, masters degree holders in economics will say that demand will keep consumers paying these fees. Savvy consumers know that texts and MMS messages can be sent over Wi-Fi, thus saving quite a bit of money each year.


iMessage is a new feature in iOS 5 that uses the device’s Wi-Fi or 3G connection to send text and multimedia messages. It connects all iOS 5 users no matter what device they are using, whether it is an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. iMessage works similarly to traditional instant messaging on computers in that it is instant, gives you typing notifications and allows you to have group chats directly within the app.

For friends and groups of people who use an Apple device as their main means of communication, hundreds of dollars could be saved each month simply by utilizing the features found in iMessage and cutting out the carrier texting plan. The best part of iMessage is that it automatically recognizes if you are contacting an iOS 5 device, minimizing the amount of work you have to do.


Since iMessage is only available for iOS 5 devices, people with older devices will need to turn to the App Store in order to benefit from Wi-Fi texting. Viber is one such solution in that it is a self-contained app that uses your current phone number in order to receive texts and voice calls over a data network. With no additional number to remember, Viber is a great way to text for free. However, Viber can only text other Viber users, so your friends will need to download the app as well.

Greetings Cards at the Touch of a Button

Another feature that iOS 5 includes is the ability to send personalized greeting cards straight from your iPhone. This quick and easy technology could spell the end for traditional greeting cards, since there are hundreds of cards available at the touch of a finger instead of having to visit a retail store and select a specific card. Some of the occasions that Cards is capable of handling include

– Thank You
– Baby
– Holiday
– Birthday
– Love
– Travel Postcards

There are several templates to choose from and some offer more personalization features than others. With the ability to send greeting cards to anyone, anywhere in the world at the touch of a button, Apple has once again revolutionized another business.

Payments are made directly within the app and a card sent anywhere in the United States will only cost you $2.99 while a card sent internationally will set you back $4.99. Often times personalized cards from companies such as Hallmark can cost upwards of $5 depending on the card, so this is a cheaper solution for budget-minded people as well as for the tech-savvy.

Apple has revolutionized the way we interact with friends and family time and time again and there is no doubt that carrier text messaging plans and traditional greeting cards may begin to disappear as these new technologies take hold. Apple products are quickly becoming a staple in every day human interaction so much that these archaic business models may soon find themselves on thin ice.

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