iPad 3 “Home Button” Parts Leaked

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The iPad 3 with its smaller brother, yes, we’re talking about the 7.85-incher iPad Mini that might hit one fine day of February probably on the 24th that’s Steve Job’s birthday. Is it possible to hit that date? At the moment, a leaked parts of said to be iPad 3 specific to be about a much smaller “home button” compared to the existing iPad 2 home button. 

According to comparison made by 9to5mac: “At the surface, not much as changed, but the prospects of some minor structural tweaks do hint at something greater. The iPad 3 home button, which has been handled in both black and white flavors, looks almost identical to the iPad 2 home button. However, the gray glyph representing the frame of a home screen application icon is slightly thicker”

There’s still no words specific enough to point that the smaller home button for iPad 3 might be for a smaller iPad Mini or Apple might redesigned the bezel to feature more space for a probable Retina display.

More on this hopefully soon, as the home buttons floating around right now is in large quantities hinting that the iPad 3 is either in production or close to the production stage.