iPhone Cordless Handset, Brings Back 1930’s Telephone Models

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What can you say? What I mean is what other best soundin’ iPhone docks out there can say with this retro looking –a bit old like 1930’s. This iPhone Cordless handset lets its users to dock their iPhone and takes call or dial in a cordless barbell piece of it that was equipped with dial pad. How it works? Jump after the break.

An iPhone rests on a telephone base reminiscent of models from the 1930s, synchronizing with the base via Bluetooth while the cordless handset communicates with the base via DECT 6.0 wireless technology from up to 160′ indoors. The handset places and receives calls, displaying each on its LCD while providing buttons for redial and speakerphone. It can recall up to 30 received calls and record up to 50 phone numbers. An iPhone charges from the base; the headset is powered by an included rechargeable battery. Compatible with all iPhone models

This was something really cool for us, and for $160 this isn’t cheap –but if you’re really a hipster this isn’t an issue.

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