iPhone With a Luminous Apple Logo

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Forget about TRON Legacy or Iron Man, either of this movie shows off fascinating lights that captures our attention but what if these ideas will be fitted on the back of your iPhone? Cool isn’t it? Apparently, you can buy a DIY modification kit for iPhone that will give you a backplate with a apple logo that lights up. The DIY installation seems to be easy, you just need to replace the original backplate with the one included in the kit then connects a light panel inside. Accordingly, the logo will start now to lights up after 15 seconds after the screen was turned on. It will also lit when your calling someone even the screen is off.

And before Apple might find sue them, the main store has run out of stock but it appears that they’re still selling through a Chinese taobao store where you can grab the DIY kit for $42.

Source: Main Store, Chinese Store via Techcrunch Gadgets 

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